S11.4CS: General Administration - Packaging

Oracle Solaris 11.4 General Administration


Install a package called diagnostic/wireshark:
# pkg install diagnostic/wireshark
Install a group package to provide a desktop environment
# pkg install solaris-desktop
Install package as if you were installing it on a freshly installed system
# pkg exact-install web/server/apache-22/module/apache-wsgi-26
Warning! All packages that are not a dependency of this package will be removed while installing it. This is what the command is meant for.
Update all possible packages to the newest version, including any zones
# pkg update
List available packages
# pkg list -a
Do a dry run of a system update to identify what packages might change
# pkg update -nv
Uninstall a package called diagnostic/wireshark
# pkg uninstall wireshark
List all packages installed on a system:
# pkg list
Get more information about an installed package called diagnostic/wireshark
# pkg info wireshark
List the contents of an installed package called diagnostic/wireshark
# pkg contents wireshark
Search all packages in the configured repositories for a file called math.h
# pkg search math.h
Search for all packages installed on a system that have a dependency on library/libxml2:
# pkg search -l -o pkg.name 'depend::library/libxml2'
List currently associated package publishers
# pkg publisher
Search for legacy packages not in the legacy namespace (11.4)
# pkg search -l -o pkg.fmri :pkg.legacy:true
Connect to the Oracle support repository and update the system
# pkg set-publisher -g https://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/support \\
-G http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release -k /path/to/ssl_key \\
-c /path/to/ssl_cert solaris
# pkg update
Where can i get the nescessary certificates and keys to access the support repository to get fixes?
You can get them at https://pkg-register.oracle.com given you have a valid support contract.